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Thin Granite Panel Co.Ltd


Thin granite panel Co.Ltd  is a professional manufacturer and wholesaler of granite and marble products in China., we have been in this business for more than 20 years.

We specialize in crafting thin granite panels, thin marble panels , thin granite slabs , thin marble slabss for wall, bathtub surround, artworks for construction and decoration project.

Our stones are often specified for both interior and exterior applications because of their hardness, durability, excellent performance characteristics and natural beauty. And because we produce custom sizes and offer several finishes, architects also appreciate the flexibility our materials afford them in their designs.


Composite thin granite and marble panels are one of our advantage products , produced by our exclusive techonology and professional production team.

Composite thin granite and marble panels are used for kitchen and bathroom countertops , Tub surround , external wall of skyscraper , because of its' super thin thickness , they can be fixed easy . Absolute black granite super thin slabs are very good for ethed surface show .

We supply our products to contractor , building material shops , super market , designers etc. all over the world .


We are wholesale and export china Shower panel & Shower Tray to importers, fabricators, distributors, wholesalers and retailers all over the world.


Shower panel & Shower Tray:We can do marble shower panel,marble shower tray, granite shower tray,etc. The finishing should be Polished/ honed, then Anti-slip process, ( horned, sandblasted, antique). Welcome to contact for more information

Thin stone veneer panel,, thin granite panel, thin marble panel

Our products

We supply below laminated thin ganite and marble panels as following

Backing: Fiberglass, Aluminum-plastic, honey-comb, glass, ceramic and cement
Standard thickness: 8mm
Other options: 6, 10 and 11mm
Standard sizes: 24" x 24", 32" x 72", 32" x 86", 36" x 96" and 48" x 96"
Other sizes are available
Materials: all available granite,marble,travertine; also of engineered stone

1,lighter Weight: 1 / 3 or 1 / 4 weight of normal tile and slab

2, Laminated super thin lightweight fiberglass backing granite panel is equipped with advanced processing technics of Laminated super thin lightweight fiberglass backing granite panel . We supply Laminated super thin lightweight fiberglass backing granite panel and other products in different specifications.

Fiberglass backed granite panel

7mm granite laminated with 1mm fiberglass backing, totally 8mm thick
Largest size: 1400x2800mm
Weight: 5.13 pounds/sq. Ft (25kg/sq. M), 2/5 weight of 2cm granite slab
Application: Interior wall, elevator, ceiling, bus, boat, etc
Advantage: Reduce the weight and shipping cost, easy to install, save time and labor cost

Aluminium Honeycomb Backed Stone Panel

Aluminium Honeycomb Backed Stone Panel . We supply Aluminium Honeycomb Backed Stone Panel and other products in different specifications.

Kitchen and bathroom countertops

We can use 8mm ~10 mm super thin granite panal to fabricate kitchen and bathroom countertops , the biggest length can be 2700 mm .

Use of thin granite panel


Hotel Project Granite Shower Wall Panels, Granite Shower Wall, Hotel Project Granite

Full Set of shower wall panels

- Contains: 4 Pieces of wall panels in sizes 60"x30"xT, 72"x30"xT, 84"x30"xT, or other
- 2 Pieces of Corner Shelf/Soap Dish/Soap Shelf in sizes 6"x6"x3/4", 8"x8"x3/4", 5"x8"x3/4" or other.
- 1 Piece of Baton in Size 60"x4", 72"x4", 84"x4" or other.
- 2 Piece of Trim Molding in Size 60"x2", 72"x2", 84"x2" or other.
-1 Piece of Shower Shelf wiht 17"x16"x4-4-3/4"
- 1 Piece of Tub /Surrounds Pan/ Tub Tray

Popular Color: Golden Yellow, Misty Brown, Peach Red, Navajo White, Light Grey, etc.
Countertop/Vanity top/Tub sourrounds/Granite Tile & Slab directly from factory, with our professional CAD and trading department.

Kithchen countertops and bathroom countertops

Super thin granite panel and super thin marble panels can be used as kitchen countertops , biggest sizes can be 2700 mm x 1000 mm , thickness 9mm ~10 mm . We can make sinkout in super thin granite panels .

Surface show ,

Laser etched artworks

Thin granite panels can be used for surface show , laser etched artworks, especially Shanxi black thin granite slabs , biggest size 2400 x1200 mm, thickness 9mm ~10 mm . Thin granite slabs are in lightweight, which are easy to handle and help to save shipping cost , if you need super thin granite slabs for your artworks surface show.